Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Camp sentences

Camp sentences
Opener sentences
The cabin was packed with bags, clothes, people and sleeping bags. We see massive tractors on the way to camp. We get lost on the orienteering course trying to find number 34.

Serial sentences
Mr Glow Worm glowing, Mr Crayfish swimming and Mr Spider making a web. Tom jumped on the tramp, Tori flipped on the tramp and Molly fell on the tramp. Tom swam in the river, Katie stayed on the bank of the river, Jack jumped in the river.

Interrupter sentences
Running in the morning, so tired and cold, on the freezing, cold, wet grass. Having breakfast in the morning after the run, so happy and hungry, yum. At the vertex climbing wall, so high up, so scared, going to jump out of my skin, so happy to go down.   


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