Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Conversation between two year fives Optimist yacht

“Are you ready to go optermist yachting?” I asked “YES YES YES!” said Alex so excited he couldn’t sit down. “They said I could stare one of the yachts” I say “I don't get to” said Alex “At Least were in in the same yacht because then I will swope at one point” I say “Thanks so much” said Alex “Let's go” I say “yaaaaaay!!!” shouted Alex. We jump in a Optimis yacht and go out. We sail round three buoys and zig zag and hen we make it to the island. “That was awesome” said Alex
“I know but it took longer than I expected” I say “We better get back before the weather gets bad”
“yeah” said Alex. We make it back just in time for the bad weather and get to shelter.

by Tom

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