Tuesday, 25 October 2016

If I were a poem

If I Were A 12.4 litre Koenigsegg I would go full speed like Usain Bolt running but way faster, because of the slick, aerodynamic body. If I Were A Ferrari

250gto, I would be the best and the rarest at the company all original, with that handmade body.    download (1).jpgimages (4).jpg

Wednesday, 15 June 2016


I have a photograph. It was taken on a Iphone six in 2016. A photo of us - Mum, Dad and me. I am big, about nine and a bit. There we are, sitting in the lagoon in Rarotonga, just arrived from New Zealand. We had travelled up by, plane sitting on our own plane seat in the Air new Zealand with the movie pixels on to watch the amazing movie. In front of us is a island, a special island, where my mum and dad got married. On one side of is Mt Rarotonga. And on the other side is the rest of the lagoon with the turtles swimming by.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Inspirational speaker
Loud and fun music
Fun and loud music
Inspirational speaker


Thursday, 12 May 2016

Toupo was usual enough, It had a big, Amazing Lake That you go swimming and fishing in, With A little White shop with food, Drinks, Fishing Lowers, Fishing Rod and more, The lokels going For a walk a walk in the Morning, People Water-skiing, The road as quiet as a Empty Meadow, No cars no trucks no planes only Sometimes, Only boats on the water, And us Sitting in The bach,
Doing nothing important.

Thomas Watts

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Copy of Highland Home Photographs LInk 2016

Highland Home Photographs LInk

This is the link to some of the Highland Home Camp Photographs.

Click on the link to view the photographs:  (You may have to wait a moment as there are a lot of photographs!!)
Select photographs to write about, one at a time.  You may have to download and save the photograph you want before putting it into your document

Photograph title goes here.
Writing here.  A MOMENT IN TIME
Write about a moment in present tense.
  • detailed adjectives and verbs.
This helps the reader imagine the activity in detail.
What I am doing
Your senses:
  • What I am feeling
  • What I can see
  • What I can  hear
  • What I can smell
Use a simile to help the reader understand the feelings you had while doing that activity.
Your overall opinion of the activity.  What you thought about it and who you think might enjoy it.

Me kiera and maddie on the orienteering course trying to work out where number 34 was on the big map.
waiting for my turn in sooting wondering how big my score will be.
Looking at the amazing view hoping I don't fall down the cliff.
Me and my group doing water testing trying our best not to get bitten by the sandflies.
having a big rest at the seven km mark on the ten km manawatu gorge walk.


Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Camp sentences

Camp sentences
Opener sentences
The cabin was packed with bags, clothes, people and sleeping bags. We see massive tractors on the way to camp. We get lost on the orienteering course trying to find number 34.

Serial sentences
Mr Glow Worm glowing, Mr Crayfish swimming and Mr Spider making a web. Tom jumped on the tramp, Tori flipped on the tramp and Molly fell on the tramp. Tom swam in the river, Katie stayed on the bank of the river, Jack jumped in the river.

Interrupter sentences
Running in the morning, so tired and cold, on the freezing, cold, wet grass. Having breakfast in the morning after the run, so happy and hungry, yum. At the vertex climbing wall, so high up, so scared, going to jump out of my skin, so happy to go down.   


Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Conversation between two year fives Optimist yacht

“Are you ready to go optermist yachting?” I asked “YES YES YES!” said Alex so excited he couldn’t sit down. “They said I could stare one of the yachts” I say “I don't get to” said Alex “At Least were in in the same yacht because then I will swope at one point” I say “Thanks so much” said Alex “Let's go” I say “yaaaaaay!!!” shouted Alex. We jump in a Optimis yacht and go out. We sail round three buoys and zig zag and hen we make it to the island. “That was awesome” said Alex
“I know but it took longer than I expected” I say “We better get back before the weather gets bad”
“yeah” said Alex. We make it back just in time for the bad weather and get to shelter.

by Tom